Evan Venegas

As a New York-based artist, I use imagery that is loosely based on the industrial landscape that surrounds me. My creative process is rooted in the recognizable world but expressed by abstract shapes and vibrant colors. Painting began for me as a way to improvise and organize what was in my mind.

As a child growing up in Queens, NY, I needed a place that I could go to have control over situations. I was drawn to painting, where I could make the decisions and orchestrate things to my liking or you could say, how I wanted things to be.
As an adult, I still need to control my environment. I start these paintings with a grid, which is comforting to me, and easily understood. It is also confining, by locking me into a simple system of boxes. The grid itself leaves nothing to question:
it is symbolic of things in life that are absolute – breath, gravity and light.
This grid backdrop is where I exercise my need to shape the many facets of my life. By manipulating it with colors and lines, I bend, hide and choose what stays and what gets lost. I need something to break away from. I gain a sense of freedom by breaking out of the confines of the grid, even if it is self-manufactured.