Jeremiah Johnson

My work shares the combination of an expressive hand and the use of mechanical means of reproduction or rendering.

The work is recognized more for its content than its formal characteristics. My current body of work is composed of manipulated photo-realistic images of people layered into constructed story-like environments that deal directly with my own life experiences.  Each painting and print illustrates my daily inner workings and thoughts.  I'm interested in popular regional culture, folklore, the laws of attraction, and personal struggle.

Written observations are a part of almost every piece. Scribbled in the margins or scrawled across the entirety of the work, my voice is used as a visual element as well as a narrative device. Drawing on or over advertisements and photo-realistic images, I recast models and celebrities as characters in grand narratives. Every obsession is magnified and every thought (no matter how mundane) is given equal importance. The sheer volume of visual input makes it necessary to drift in and out of each painting.

My paintings combine elements of drawing, various printing techniques, spray-paint, Illumination and translucent layering to achieve both dimensional and flattening effects.  I work in a variety of mediums on paper and Mylar. 



 Video: The Dream Home Project