Queen Andrea

The excitement, color, diversity and crazy energy of city life, and especially graffiti, is where Andrea finds her creative inspiration.

Renegade cutting-edge artforms, sub-cultures and lifestyles that have sprang forth from an ever-changing urban metropolis give her the visual stimulus, the guts, and the urge to create and innovate. Her artistic style is influenced by themes of fame, the advertising age, the golden age of hip hop, funk and rap music, typography, geometry, signpainter lettering, superheroes, bling, diamonds and bombastic bright color.
Her typographic studies illustrate emotive phrases and push stylistic boundaries, informed by an endless and deep appreciation for the beauty of letterforms.
Her latest geometry studies are saturated with bold color and form, suggesting sophisticated yet simple metaphysical and uplifting qualities of symmetry, balance and ascension. Juxtapositions of patterns, form, geometry and intense color harmonies create dynamic compositions and new fantastical, unusual visual landscapes. The color and excitement of Andrea's works are used to invoke celebration and elevation, within elaborate, vivid abstract worlds of form and design.