Wynne Noble

My art is based on the evolution and devolution of the life's wonders

From the time I was eight, I was drawn to building things out of clay and dreamed of having my own studio to work in. All through my school years I planned on being a working artist. Since I graduated from art school at the University of Connecticut, I have been lucky enough to be able to follow my dream. For the vast majority of my adult life, I have been making art in Brooklyn, New York.
My art is based on the evolution and devolution of life's wonders. This includes the interplay of geology, geography, products of the human hand, and our current (computer) pixilated lifestyle. The work addresses the harmony and chaos that erupts from the above mentioned mix. The current series, Magma Chambers, speak of the hot and cold precarious place our planet is in.

Structure, form and color, love of the countryside, as well as a lifetime of Brooklyn living; all of these contribute to the building blocks of my creations.
Each piece is made of multiple fired stoneware clay. Thoughtful planning, followed by the work process delivers the art. The question of what we seem to be and who we really are, is evident in the nature of each piece.  Fronts and backs, insides and outsides; all related - and all significantly different.  Meticulous care is taken so that each work extends an unspoken invitation to look again.  The desire to touch is hard to deny.